I Love Typography Too

One of the other sites I was looking around on was I Love Typography  http://ilovetypography.com/2008/01/02/good-web-typography/which starts off with a bold header professing their love for typography. I got the point, and kept exploring. I especially liked how one of the most recent posts was a list of nice websites based mainly on their use of typography. I like to think that I don’t over look this important aspect when working on a website, and it was nice to focus on the over all way that type was used instead of the technology and way that everything was pieced together. Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoy the technology and actually coding every once in a while, but it was nice to explore their list of typographically pleasing websites.One of their favorites that I explored even more was Words are Pictures  http://www.wordsarepictures.co.uk/ At first I thought that it was a compilation of work from multiple artists, but it is all personal and commercial or commissioned work. I loved it all, and what got my interest was the letterpress, and whatever other ways he was printing his pieces. I am more and more interested in linoleum, woodblock, and letterpress printing from taking an image making class this semester. I also liked the cut paper, and vector artwork too. All in all very cool, So check it out.


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